From Anecdote to Antidote


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From Surviving Your Doctors


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From Anecdote to Antidote

This book is dedicated to the memory of Brian Klein and the sadness of his passing; and to my wife, Caryn – to our family and the brightness of our lives.

I would like to thank Dee DelBello for the encouragement to write this book. Thanks also to Marci Smith, Robert Rozycki, and most especially to Derek Rydall, without whose help this task would never have succeeded.

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The interest in Dr. Klein and his books has been met by many of his fans, patients and colleagues with enthusiasm.


Dr. Richard S. Klein from Westfair Online on Vimeo.

Health care has taken center stage of late with no shortage of deliberation, speculation and consternation – from lawmakers on Capitol Hill to taxpayers on Main Street, from board rooms to barrooms, and everywhere in between.

Reform? Restore? Ignore? Whatever your view, it doesn’t appear we’ll see any resolution before the new year.

In the meantime, life goes on in the medical world. Death does too. But one local doctor says there are far too many deaths each year – which he attributes to medical mishaps and a flawed health care system. And he is urging the medical field to “police” itself to help change things.

The Business Journal checked in with Dr. Richard S. Klein, a practicing physician in Yorktown, N.Y., who specializes in internal medicine and infectious diseases. Klein is also an associate professor of medicine who teaches at New York Medical College.

Dr. Klein gives a candid view of his book. Catch up with Dr. Klein's in his latest interview. It is a great chance to hear him speak from the heart about what inspired his book and how he hopes to change the relationship between doctor and patient.

"The book is a roadmap to a healthier life, helping to empower the patient.", Dr. Klein

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Photo Opportunities:
Photograph from my audience with Pope John Paul II at the Apostolic Palace, 1996. With President Clinton and Vice President
Gore during my run for Congress in
New York's 19th District in 1996.
Meeting with former Israeli
Prime Minister Shimon Peres.
My wife Caryn and I pose with Hillary Clinton.
With former New York Governor
Mario Cuomo at a Democratic fund raiser.
With diplomat Shimon Peres in Tel Aviv.
Left to right: Senator Chuck Schumer, Polly Rothman, Alec Baldwin and me at a private meeting for women's reproductive rights. With former Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir, at an Israeli state dinner in Jerusalem.
Andy and Brenda Spano at a dinner at
my home. Andy Spano is the county
executive of westchester.
Shaking hands with another former Israeli
Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at a state
dinner in Jerusalem.
With New York City mayoral candidate
Mark Green and my daughter Jessica at
Denise Rich's apartment in Manhattan
Publicity shot from my campaign for Congress
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