From Anecdote to Antidote

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From Anecdote to Antidote

This book is dedicated to the memory of Brian Klein and the sadness of his passing; and to my wife, Caryn – to our family and the brightness of our lives.

I would like to thank Dee DelBello for the encouragement to write this book. Thanks also to Marci Smith, Robert Rozycki, and most especially to Derek Rydall, without whose help this task would never have succeeded.

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The book signing was a great success. The turnout resulted in Dr. Klein being able to meet with many of his fans and their being able to get a personally autographed book.

Dr. Klein takes a moment between his busy signing of his book to say hello to the camera.
Guests (left to right): Andy Spano (present County Executive of Westchester);
Dr. Richard Klein; Dr. Neil Goldman; Al Del Bello (former County Executive of Westchester)
Dr. Klein takes time away from his signing to mingle with his guests.
Dr. Klein recognizes that the success of his book, and his career for that matter
has been the relationship between himself and those he meets.
Today's book signing event is the first of many for him in the coming months, as he
kicks into high gear to promote his wonderful new book From Anecdote to Antidote.

For a complete read of From Anecdote to Antidote, you can purchase Dr. Klein's masterpiece of medical insight, ON SALE NOW! After a thirty-plus years in the medical profession Dr. Klein has gathered together must read stories. Visit AMAZON to buy your very own copy.

From Anecdote to Antidote, a fine title published by SelectBooks.

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