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From Anecdote to Antidote




One of the reasons for writing this book is to demystify the doctor patient relationship. That is, doctors intimidate patients as we are placed on a pedestal. I do not mind the idolization, but this type of relationship makes it difficult for the patient to relate and give reliable information. Doctors are just as human as everyone else is. We take out the garbage, we do the shopping, we love, we cry, we try to read labels of the over the counter medicines, and are just as confused as you are.

The book is an attempt to inspire you the patient to become more confident, brave, and forthcoming. It encourages greater personal responsibility and proactive involvement. It also teaches one how to make your doctor a better listener.

Another important reason for this book is to show that doctors should be trained listeners and observers of the human condition. By listening to, and observing my patients over all these many years, I try to bring out the message that they impart to us. In addition, thereby, be able to learn and share from these many, many patient encounters.

Some of the stories I share are cute or funny. Sometimes they are very sad, but all with the ultimate goal of learning from life’s’ experiences as we are all walking the same path.

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