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From Anecdote to Antidote

This book is dedicated to the memory of Brian Klein and
the sadness of his passing; and to my wife, Caryn – to
our family and the brightness of our lives.

I would like to thank Dee DelBello for the encouragement
to write this book. Thanks also to Marci Smith, Robert Rozycki, and most especially to Derek Rydall, without whose help this task would never have succeeded.

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Excerpt From Anecdote to Antidote:



As much as I’ve learned from my patients and about myself through my time in medicine, I’ve also learned from the places medicine has taken me. I’m not just talking about my schooling in Rome or my work in Israel or my service in the navy and marines, although all of these experiences had profound, wonderful effects on my life.

I’m also talking about the journeys of the spirit I’ve been able to take the journeys of the heart and mind, or learning and experience. My journeys have enabled me not only to learn new languages, new social customs, but which fork to use for which course. In addition, they have taught me how to be humble, how to be empathetic, how to see things through the eyes of others, as much as such a thing is really possible.

More importantly, my journeys have taught me why all of these lessons were worth learning. Moreover, in this section, I’d like to share some of them with you. There are certain defining characteristics in life that seem to simultaneously link us and divide us – our adherence to different cultures and faiths, the different thing we value at different times. If approached correctly, the journey through life shows us that these things transcend the very boundaries we impose on them, doing more to link us that keep us apart.

Life has been compared to everything from a marathon to a dream to a box of chocolates. I prefer to think of life as being like a train, each milestone and watershed experience like a station on the trip. This train keeps going, rain or shine, and never stops until the ultimate stop. During the journey, passengers board and disembark at the many different stations along the way. The more people we meet, and the more stations we pass through, the more knowledge we obtain.

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