From Anecdote to Antidote


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From Anecdote to Antidote

This book is dedicated to the memory of Brian Klein and the sadness of his passing; and to my wife, Caryn – to our family and the brightness of our lives.

I would like to thank Dee DelBello for the encouragement to write this book. Thanks also to Marci Smith, Robert Rozycki, and most especially to Derek Rydall, without whose help this task would never have succeeded.

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From Anecdote to Antidote:

101 Medical Musings and Practical Prescriptions
from a World Class Doctor
(Who's also a Royal Knight!)
Richard Klein, M.D.



One of my main goals with this book is to ease the intimidation I see in my patients’ eyes as I consult with them for the first time. Not because I don’t enjoy being put on a pedestal (I do), but because of how it influences their behavior while we discuss such important things as their medical history, weight, allergies, past medical procedures, et cetera. I can’t tell you how many second opinions I’ve given, often in complete reversal of a previous doctor’s diagnosis, that could have been easily avoided if the patients had simply been more honest and less intimidated by their doctor during their initial consultation. Excerpt from Section 1: "PEOPLE"


As much as I’ve learned from my patients and about myself through my time in medicine, I’ve also learned from the places medicine has taken me. I’m not just talking about my schooling in Rome or my work in Israel or my service in the navy and marines, although all of these experiences had profound, wonderful effects on my life. Excerpt from Section 2: "PLACES"


Foreign cultures, the intricacies of faith, the depth and breadth of the human mind — as inscrutable as any or all of these may be for some, the world of medicine can seem just as byzantine and impenetrable to the uninitiated. Maybe that’s why television shows like Quincy, ER, CSI, and the like are so popular and so long-lived. The everyday world of medicine generates more than enough fodder for both screen writers and mystery buffs with its seemingly endless false leads, hidden clues, and complex yet often invisible network of relationships, causes, and effects, each leading down a series of potential blind alleys. Excerpt from Section 3: "THINGS"



Alfred B. DelBello
Former Westchester County Executive
And Lieutenant Governor of NY
I’ve just completed reading a draft of your book and it wraps up all the good things you have done throughout your medical career. I recall during my days in office as Westchester County Executive and Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York, your presence within the community and the respect you garnered for your social consciousness and active involvement in matters of real concern in the community. You have always truly cared. My best wishes for a most successful launch and publication of your book.

Al Roker
Today Show
Dr. Klein has the perfect antidote for the usual boring medical memoir.

Michael H. Rosenberg, MD, FACS
Attending Plastic Surgeon
Northern Westchester Hospital
President, Westchester County Medical Society
In our rapidly expanding technological age, old fashioned common sense seems quaint, even unnecessary. Yet in medicine, the ability to listen carefully, and with understanding, can often be more important than the results of a CT scan, or MRI. Dr. Klein presents us with the wisdom of over 30 years of the thoughtful and incisive practice of medicine, and we can all enjoy and benefit from the knowledge he so skillfully communicates to us. This book is wonderful reading for doctors, would-be doctors, and their patients everywhere, so open wide and enjoy!


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From Anecdote to Antidote, a fine title published by SelectBooks.

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